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the curious case of jason deem - a long journey for a fantasy map

Fantasy maps bore my tits off.


I said it.

I have never spent a single minute looking at one, and never saw the value of even having one until I started writing this series and realised my main character was going to travel a lot. I figured it'd be best to know where she was.

Having said that, I couldn't see the point of doing actual maps.

But people seem to like them, and I'd get asked for them all the time. Almost as much as I get asked for paperbacks. While paperbacks are a little out of my league at the moment (Amazon quality on their PoD isn't so great for Amir's covers), maps seemed ... doable.

However, I just couldn't find anyone I wanted to do the maps.

My first choice might have been Deven "Mistress of Maps" Rue, who is the closest thing to a Fantasy map-making fucking god of fucking amazeballs proportions. I can't get enough of her art. But her maps are a little too neat for my world. I just couldn't see it working with my grim…

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