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cover reveal - the shivs: a mouthful of filth (a shadow realm adventure)

Every time Amir gives me a new cover, I'm always a little nervous. His work is so amazing I automatically set extremely high expectations in my head. But then, I look at the previous covers and say to myself: there's no way he can outdo that.

No way he can do better.

And then he gives me a cover.

And I sit there.



Just in awe, because it's always so incredibly good that I feel it genuinely belongs on Pornhub.

Normally, when I ask for a cover from him, I set the most ridiculously useless instructions. "Make me something cool. Put a wall in it. Something. You know. Knife in her hand."

That's it.

I'm the world's most hopeless customer. It sounds like I don't know what I want (this might be true), but on the other hand I'm just looking for his interpretation of something vague. But with this cover, I was specific. Disc platform, stone circle. Filth with his cane sword. Inside a sewer, please. Kthx.

I was so specific that I ha…

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